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Hans Samuelsson

Has worked in the district heating industry for 26 years! At Arboga District heating for 6 years and then I started at ABB District Heating 2000 which then changed its name to Alstom Power FlowSystem. Alstom Power FlowSystem merged with Lögstör with the name Logstor.

I worked as a service engineer/technician and instructor. It was mostly leak detection, control measurements, service measurements installation of alarm systems and also a lot of support on installation of alarm systems to customers.

Joint work and repairs (Extrusion) as well as complaints.

Abroad jobs as a Technician, Instructor and Supervisor in Romania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Ireland, Africa (Gabon), India and also Norway.


Jimmy Samuelsson

Joined HSPC in 2013 and has now been part of the District Heating industry for 7 years.

Jimmy specializes in leak detection, counter measurements and alarm systems.

He also has a good knowledge of jointing and repairs (Extrusion).

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