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EMS 8110 Alarm transmitter

In collaboration with Swede electronics, we have developed a product that sends out alarms to you via SMS or e-mail.

The alarm transmitter is connected to an alarm center. If there is an alarm in the alarm center, the alarm transmitter sends information to you.

Do you have an alarm center that is built on 2G – 3G networks. Instead of buying a brand new one or upgrading, it may be cheaper to buy an EMS 8110 Alarm Transmitter.

PDF: EMS 8110 

Manual: EMS 8110

About Alarm System: Alarm System

Complete central monitoring

Complete central monitoring for leakage on district heating culverts.

Alarm center EMS 2020 (2 loops) is connected to alarm transmitter EMS 8010 and transient protection with termination diode.

Connects with a loop or to the end (point A to B).

Alarm communication to e-mail and SMS.

Package price at purchase no license costs and other ongoing fees.


Today we search for control meters and leakage with the latest technology available in the market. But now we are expanding the control with a new technology.

Drone DJI Mavic 2 Enterprice Advanced new model 2021 with:

-640x512px thermal camera (thermal camera) and 48 MP visual camera with 32x digital zoom.

-GPS Coordinates flight

We see it as a good tool in combination with the other and we can also inspect overhead lines over roofs and in bridges etc. All registration is complete such as Operator ID, Pilot license and insurance.



Partner with Wideco

We measure with Wideco’s new XPM, sell and install Wideco Alarm Systems and their new cable start.

Wideco monteringskabeluttag Powerpoint: Svets-Wideco

Wideco monteringskabeluttag PDF: Svets-Wideco


Service van

Service vans with equipment needed for district heating and district cooling service.

New welding tool

Here is the new welding tool for fitting connection cups for welding production by Wideco and EMS A/S in Denmark and seller by Hs Pipe Control AB

Manual: Svetsning (manuell)

Wideco Cable take off Powerpoint: Welding-Wideco Cable take off

Wideco cable takeoff PDF:  Welding-Wideco cable takeoff


EMS Powerpoint: Presentation av svets-Koax-kabel

EMS PDF: Presentation av svets-Koax kabel


Partner with Mittel

I partner with Mittel by using this for Hs Pipe Control AB to be able to do repairs with Mittel’s Tsc weld socket from regular socket and longer in all dimensions. We can even create special sleeves.

Partne agreement with Stateview

Hs Pipe Control AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Stateview and makes measurements with Stateview System II.

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