• Service on district heating and district cooling.
  • Leak detection & control measurements.
  • Annual measurements with a complete documentation with Stateview System II & Wideco XPM.
  • Reference curves in database.
  • Alarm drawings.
  • Works with all alarm systems on the market.
  • Dealer of  EMS alarm system.
  • Complete repair during excavation.
  • Mittels TSC welding sleeve sleeve and Hantech shrink etc.
  • Extrusion.
  • Drone pilot with heat camera

Measurement with Stateview instruments.

Shrink sleeve repair.

TSC Welding sleeve repairs

Alarm system that we install


Reparation blocking


Reference list

  • Tekniska Verken Katrineholm & Mjölby 
  • VB Energi (Vattenfall) 
  • Västra Mälardalens Energi (VME) 
  • Oxelösund Energi 
  • MälarEnergi 
  • Finspång Tekniska Verk 
  • Hjo Energi 
  • Lekebergs Bio Energi 
  • Laxå Värme 
  • Vasa Värme 
  • Solör Bioenergi 
  • Norrtälje Energi